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Tracks by groups that are dominating the charts this weekA�

Selfie – The Chainsmokers
A fun, humorous look at the a�?selfiea�� phenomenon, this is a catchy number that will have you on your feet in a jiffy. Primarily an instrumental, EDM track, the verses are spoken conversations by the girl featured in the video.

Rather Be – Clean Bandit
Starting off with a stunning violin intro, followed by soulful vocals by Jess Glynne, the song moves to whole new level when the video-game style synth blips kick in.

Dona��t Say Goodnight – Hot Chelle Rae
An acapella version of the chorus sets the tone for the rest of the song, which has a catchy tune despite a few word rhythms that dona��t exactly hit the spot.

Aina��t It Fun – Paramore
Though dealing with a heavy topic like taking on the real world, this number is surprisingly sunny and cheerful and can serve as a dance track too. A departure from their regular teenage-related issues like breakups and high school drama, Aina��t It Fun is a refreshing number and proves that Paramore mean business.

Move – Little Mix
A change from their regular melodious numbers, Move explores quirky sounds and has a more mature tone with elements of R&B woven into the track. A memorable song, this one makes for a great party track.

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