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    The Betafunction

    We take stock of five of the citya��s newest bands and their big plans this year

    Aaccording to Nicky Jatin Sharma, the founder of Unseen Underground, a music company, there are around three bands that come up every fortnight but what matters is how consistent they are, a�?a�?a lot of bands that were formed last year dona��t exist anymore. Most of the bands disintegrate due to musical differences,a��a�� he says. Thanks to platforms likeA� Star Rock and Geoffreya��s, the new bands get a platform to showcase their talent. Here is our pick of this seasona��s crop:

    Broadway Addicts

    Broadway Addicts

    Broadway Addicts
    My New FriendA� is really fun to play onstage.
    Started last June, Broadway Addicts is a three-member banda��with Srinivas Atv on vocals and guitar, Vijay Sudarsan on drums and Dilip Venkateshwaran on bass. They call themselves a punk band and are influenced by raw garage music with some pop thrown in. a�?We are grungy, grungy peeps,a��a�� says Venkateshwaran, who does not want to work on an album until they get signed by a music company.A� They have performed at Unwind Center, Star Rock, Havana Pub and Phoenix Market City. a�?Our dream gig spot would be shady dive bars and European underground venues. It would be nice to play in CounterCulture (Bangalore), though. And maybe in festivals in the North East?a�? says the bassist, who dropped out of college and is doing a distance education course.Meanwhile, Srinivas isA� pursuing his under graduation in visual communications and Sudarsan is doing civil engineering. The trio is very confident about their sound and see no competition. a�?Therea��s not a band here that has influences from the real punk scene,A� so we do have the conceit to say that we sound unique,a�? says Srinivas.

    Inspiration: a�?a�?Our inspiration comes from classic adolescent teenage angst. We are huge fans of Nirvana, The Pixies, The Vaselines and The Stooges, a��a�� shares Srinivas.

    The Betafunktion
    Besides originals, we loveplaying Rock and Roll by Led Zeppelin.
    Ita��s good old classic rock, ita��s fast and the crowd loves singing with us. This four-member banda��Rohit Subramanian on vocals, Vijay Krishnan on guitars, Manoj Krishnan on drums and Sooraj Kumarr on bassa��was started in May last year. The band alterates between genres. a�?We try to synergise them in the way we like it to sound. Our principle sound is hard rock, progressive, and we include different elements to add colour and texture to the songs,a�? says Krishnan. The band is proud of their single, Outta The Blues that was launched recently. a�?Wea��re on our way to record a few more. Our second track should be ready for release in a couple of weeks,a�? says the guitarist excitedly. Coming to their 2014 plans, the band member says, a�?From June, we will be up and running for gigs both in and out of city!a�? The Betafunktion got recognition at the Chennai Live 104.8FM band hunt and at Strawberry Fields (a music event in Bangalore),where they reached the finals. Subramanian says that the band aims to connect with the audience. a�? Our elements of blues or funk with hard rock and rock a�?na�� roll have really smooth transitions.a�? Kumar is completing his chemical engineering this year, while the other members have finished their graduation.

    Inspiration: a�?a�?All of us are fans of Led Zeppelin and Alter Bridge, a��a�� says Subramanian.

    We love playing Fix You by Coldplay. The vibe of the song is awesome and it gets cool towards the second half.
    The band,A� formed out of sheer passion for music, plays everything from mainstream rock and alternative rock to blues rock



    andacoustic. Formed in the fall of 2013, the current line-up in the band sees Rohan Zachariah on drums, Joe Allan Richard on guitars, Shayantan Dasgupta on lead guitar, Joseph Sathya on bass and Ananthu Nair on vocals and keyboards. Though Bureaucrat has not come out with an album, its members have been working on projects individually a�� Nair has an album which is ready for release. The band has performed in Bangalore and Chennai, including Phoenix MarketCity, Star Rock, Bay 146, etc. With Mumbaia��s Blue Frog as their ultimate gig spot, they make the best of their varied backgrounds. a�?Dasgupta and I are doing our BSc, while specialising in audio engineering. Our guitar player, Joe Allan, is a pilot and is currently training for his commercial pilot license,a�? says the vocalist.

    Inspiration: a�?a�?We all have various influences including Pink Floyd, Toto, Coldplay and Jimi Hendrix, a��a�� says Nair.

    The Misfits

    The Misfits

    The Misfits
    You Give Love A Bad Name by Bon Jovi is our signature song
    The newest of the lot, The Misfits formed their band in January and had their first gig in February. There are Srinivasamurthy and Joe Allan Richard on lead and acoustic guitar, Aldin Dominic Alex on keyboard, Joseph Satya on bass guitar and Rohan George Zachariah on drums and percussion. a�?Srini, Allan and I met in the music school where we teach (Institute of Music Technology). We discovered that we had similar tastes in music so we started jamming as a three-piece band. Joseph joined the band in November 2013 and we got out keyboardist in January,a�? says Alex. Classic rock, blues, funk, they play them all and thus the name, Misfits. Having performed in pubs in Chennai, the band aims for Goa and an India tour. They are currently working on their first EP. With most of them still in college, The Misfits mix originals and cover songs. a�?We manage to reach more people through our music. In todaya��s world, one cannot stick to one genre of music. People have been fusing genres across the globe,a�? says Alex.

    Inspiration: a�?a�?Toto, Bon Jovi, Nirvana, Kansas, Scorpions , Cream, Eric clapton, Mr Big, a��a�� shares Alex.

    a��Mrinalini Sundar


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