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Nine bands treat you to inde music at the second edition of The Music Festival

IMG_6107IF you’D like to rock out to some great music this weekend, we have good news. The second edition of The Music Festival is here—featuring popular bands like Skrat, The F-16’s and Live Banned, alongside others like Agam, Avial, Lagori and Demonic Resurrection. According to Sriram T T, singer and guitarist of Skrat, “The main reason Chennai doesn’t see much action in the way of original independent artistes is a lack of venues. We barely have four or five places where we can play our music to a paying crowd.”
Mix and play
With a combination of pop, rock, metal and a little bit of Thalaivar references, courtesy Skrat, the festival organised by Amaranta Entertainment promises to be a lot of fun. And if you want some extra music time, it is giving you a ‘post-party’ pick up with performances like Bay Beat Collective, a dubstep act from Mumbai, DJs and Tuhin Mehta and Praveen Achary, to mix things up a bit.
To  be hosted at the Egmore Museum Theatre over two separate weekends, the festival is a way to provide a platform for original artistes to showcase their music, says Geoffrey Thomas, founder of Amaranta. “Chennai is a city itching for an opportunity to grow in terms of original music,” says Thomas. “While Bangalore is always a happening place for music, it still needs to take off here. The Music Festival might give it the push it needs,” he adds hopefully.
Tale of two cities
When asked about the Bangalore-Chennai conundrum, musicians point to Bangalore’s large floating crowd. “That opens up more places for people to go, giving us a platform to perform,” says Sriram. “In Chennai, it becomes difficult to sustain oneself when you don’t have enough opportunities to put yourself out there,” says Joshua Fernandez from The F-16’s.
While wishing the city would become more accepting of its growing indie-music scene, Thomas hopes to turn the festival into an annual event. “I wasn’t very happy how the first edition this February turned out. So I’m looking forward to this one. And maybe next time, I’ll get some sponsors instead of doing it all by myself,” he jokes. He also has plans to take it to Kochi and Bangalore by the end of this year.

On August 9-10 and 16-17 at The Egmore Museum Theatre. `350. Details: bookmyshow.in

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