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Nine bands treat you to inde music at the second edition of The Music Festival

IMG_6107IF youa��D like to rock out to some great music this weekend, we have good news. The second edition of The Music Festival is herea��featuring popular bands like Skrat, The F-16a��s and Live Banned, alongside others like Agam, Avial, Lagori and Demonic Resurrection. According to Sriram T T, singer and guitarist of Skrat, a�?The main reason Chennai doesna��t see much action in the way of original independent artistes is a lack of venues. We barely have four or five places where we can play our music to a paying crowd.a�?
Mix and play
With a combination of pop, rock, metal and a little bit of Thalaivar references, courtesy Skrat, the festival organised by Amaranta Entertainment promises to be a lot of fun. And if you want some extra music time, it is giving you a a�?post-partya�� pick up with performances like Bay Beat Collective, a dubstep act from Mumbai, DJs and Tuhin Mehta and Praveen Achary, to mix things up a bit.
ToA� be hosted at the Egmore Museum Theatre over two separate weekends, the festival is a way to provide a platform for original artistes to showcase their music, says Geoffrey Thomas, founder of Amaranta. a�?Chennai is a city itching for an opportunity to grow in terms of original music,a�? says Thomas. a�?While Bangalore is always a happening place for music, it still needs to take off here. The Music Festival might give it the push it needs,a�? he adds hopefully.
Tale of two cities
When asked about the Bangalore-Chennai conundrum, musicians point to Bangalorea��s large floating crowd. a�?That opens up more places for people to go, giving us a platform to perform,a�? says Sriram. a�?In Chennai, it becomes difficult to sustain oneself when you dona��t have enough opportunities to put yourself out there,a�? says Joshua Fernandez from The F-16a��s.
While wishing the city would become more accepting of its growing indie-music scene, Thomas hopes to turn the festival into an annual event. a�?I wasna��t very happy how the first edition this February turned out. So Ia��m looking forward to this one. And maybe next time, Ia��ll get some sponsors instead of doing it all by myself,a�? he jokes. He also has plans to take it to Kochi and Bangalore by the end of this year.

On August 9-10 and 16-17 at The Egmore Museum Theatre. `350. Details: bookmyshow.in

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