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    The actual dream of creating Little Eye Labs began in 2012, but the emotional dream started in 2010 when former colleagues and friendsa��Kumar Rangarajan, Satyam Kandula, Lakshman Kakkirala, Giridhar Murthy, Aditya Kulkarni, Gaurav Lochan and Srikant Sahaya��decided they wanted to step off the usual techie path. a�?We all know that doing something different means doing something on your own,a�? begins Rangarajan, who is called the Chief Ion (as they refer to themselves) of Little Eye Labs, the company that created Little Eye: a performance analysis and monitoring tool that can help identify and fix performance problems in Android apps. And that dream got bigger when Facebook acquired the company last montha��the first foray into Indian companies for the social networking giant.

    Ion flux
    Like the KGB and CIA, the Ions do covert operations for mobile apps. a�?We smooth out all the bumps and make a good app even better, by looking into minute but important details. For example, if an app uses too much power, we fix that so it doesna��t drain your battery,a�? Rangarajan tells us.

    Facebook trained its sights on this dynamic team, when they were brought into the limelight by Google in 2013, at the annual Google I/O conference in London. a�?We give in-depth context about the appa��the kind of person using it, where, how and why,a�? the Chief Ion says, adding that it doesna��t even need coding. a�?All you need to do is plug it in and youa��ll be ready for an app profile.a�? And that is exactly what the team (thata��s moved to the US) will be doing at the Facebook headquarters in California.

    Details: littleeye.co
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