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    With big money riding on their careers, these celebrities take serious precautions to protect their most valued assets

    LAST week, Taylor Swift reportedly insured her slim pins for $40 million. While Van Halen frontman, David Lee Roth insured his sperm and tea taster Sebastian Michaelis has insured his picky tastebuds for A?1 million, we think these celebrities pay the price for being in the limelight. Swift may have skipped out of a policy, but others signed on the dotted line, ensuring theya��ll laugh all the way to the bank even if tragedy strikes.

    Sealed assests
    When you are a model, showgirl and television personality in shows that involve taking your top off regularly, you best cover those assets with a legal bond. Like reality star Holly Madison did. She took out a $1 million insurance policy on her breasts with Lloyda��s when she realised that theya��d be on full display in her burlesque programme, Peepshow, at Planet Hollywood. a�?Ia��ve heard about people getting body parts insured and I thought, a�?why not?a�� because if anything happened to my b***s, Ia��d be out for a few months and Ia��d probably be out a million dollars!a�? she explains. Her memoir, titled Down the Rabbit Hole: Curious Adventures and Cautionary Tales of a Former Playboy Bunny, releases in June this year.

    Locked in
    Joey Essex was quite the favourite on the British scripted reality show The Only Way Is Essex, and while he recently won The Jump, an adventure reality show, he hasna��t insured his limbs but his hair. Apparently he was prompted to do this when he was advised to cut it off while filming an episode of Educating Joey Essex in USA. Only last year, he signed a six-figure hair care contract with Tesco for the a�?Da��Reem Haira�� range of products. But when the suggestion came a second time to cut his hair, he was having none of it and trooped across the pond to Lloyda��s to have it protected. Speaking of what pushed him to get a policy on his locks, the 25-year-old says, a�?When we were in Brazil filming the football episode, and I thought these Brazilian hair-dressers were going to bleach my hair. I was so scared.a�?

    Expensive chords
    While singers need to protect their vocal
    chords in an age of endless tours, American Idol runner-up, Glee star and current Queen front-man, Adam Lambert. has done exactly that. Following in the footsteps of Bruce Springsteen and Rod Stewart, the If I Had You singer got his voice insured for a cool A?30 million. A bit optimistic since hea��s only had two albums with only a few real hits. Apparently though, he says, a�?Ita��s an important commodity. My voice is my money-maker.a�? And we think hea��s right, especially since he has to fill in for the great Freddie Mercury.

    Pearly whites
    While America Ferreraa��s cheery smile was mostly hidden under braces in Ugly Betty, it is exactly that feature that she can happily cash in on. As part of a publicity stunt, Aquafresh took out a $10 million policy on her smile which the actor found flattering. a�?Ita��s not something that I ever imagined happening,a�? she said, while the policy makers, Lloyda��s of London, said they were not surprised by the request from Aquafresh. Lloyda��s, one of the worlda��s foremost insurance companies, are also in charge of Rolling Stones guitarist, Keith Richarda��s middle finger with which he strums.

    a�?Kluma��sy protection
    As a supermodel, Heidi Kluma��s career is solely reliant on her legs and there is no doubt that shea��s got a perfect pair. So when the time was right, her limbs were insured for a paltry A?1.5 million in comparison to David Beckhama��s A?40 million. a�?I didna��t personally have them insured, but a client of mine did,a�? she reveals. Apparently, her legs are not equally priced though. Her left one is of lesser value by A?1,30,000. a�?When I was in London and went to have my legs valued, they looked at them and I had one scar from when I fell on glass. So the left leg isna��t as pricey as the right one,a�? the model explains. But from where we watch Miss Klum, they look mighty flawless and worth every penny.

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