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    Chocolate taster Nitin Chordia shares his list of must have slabs for 2016

    In a time where the access to quality chocolate is becoming restricted while its demand continues to grow, this recently gone live website hopes to be a ray of light. The brainchild of chocolate taster Nitin Chordia, two week-old Cocoatrait.com has started off with a selection of bean-to-bar brands like Mumbai-based Bean Therapy, Mysuru-based Earth Loaf and Mason & Co from closer home, Pondicherry. Promising to offer fine international slabs like Ecuadora��s Pacari later this year, Chordia, who was seen judging the International Chocolate Awards in England last October, gives us his pick of fine chocolate (all dark) that connoisseurs must add to their collection this year.

    2Rogue Chocolatiera��s Hispaniola
    It is more acidic than one might enjoy but is certainly the bar to experience the creaminess that chocolate offers. This would partner with my Pinot Noir.
    Around $ 6.95 across
    UK and Europe.

    Duffya��s Dominican Republic Taino
    I like the notes of pineapple and strawberries. I occasionally melt this
    and use it as a garnish
    on my salad.Around
    GBP 6 across the
    UK and Europe.

    3Maroua��s Tien Giang
    High on spice, tobacco and
    nutty notes. I use this in all my
    desserts and also use it to remove misconceptions that dark is always bitter. Around $ 9 and available on cocoatrait.com from February.

    Friis Holma��s Nicaliso
    This bar demonstrates complexity in chocolate. It changes flavour starting with a bit of mushroom initially and turning to walnut followed by slight acidity and a delightful creaminess
    to end the experience. Around
    $19 across the UK and Europe.

    Pacari Organic
    The classic raw 70 per cent dark bar. Symbolic Pacari with jasmine and loads of citrus. I use this each time I have to introduce a new audience
    to fine chocolate.Around
    $7.99 and available on
    cocoatrait.com from July.

    OmNoma��s Madagascar
    Delivers fruity, citrus and floral notes one after the other and is good if you dona��t want sharp flavours. I would not pair this with anything. Around $11 in the UK and Europe.

    Pacari Raw Organic 100%
    This 100 per cent cacao bar has hints of fruit and spices
    with a perfect balance of slight acidity and bitterness. This is only for a chocolate lover who enjoys his chocolate one piece at a time.
    Also available on cocoatrait.com from July.

    Patric Chocolate
    This is a two times Good Food Award winning chocolate and contains
    added cocoa butter from the
    same beans. Ita��s super smooth!
    Available at speciality shops in the US and Europe for around USD 14.

    a�� As told to Ryan Peppin


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