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    Roman FolterRoman Foltan, the man behind the coveted concoctions at Artesian Cocktail Bar, London, on his favourites with Grey Goose

    Ask him about the most potent cocktail he makes and ace bartender Roman Foltan says, a�?A shot of spirit.a�? And to the barman of the Artesian Cocktail Bar in London, that spirit has to be gin. Recognised as one of the 30 most talented people under 30 by Forbes this year, Foltan was recently in the city as part of Grey Goosea��s Beyond The Bar programme at Hilton, to train young bartenders. After travelling from New Delhi to Mumbai and Chennai, Foltan sat down to answer a few questions for us:
    The best way to drink vodka according to you?
    Frozen, straight from the freezer!

    Any bars that have recently made it to the top of your recommendation list?
    I would highly recommend 28 Hong Kong Street in Singapore, Bar Termini in Soho, La��Fleur in Prague and The Nomad in New York.

    Whata��s trending in the world of bartending right now?
    Low alcohol cocktails, ageing in leather and unusual ingredients.

    Your favourite cocktail ingredients and why?
    Grey Goose Mezcal gives you beautiful smokiness. Stir 60ml of Martini Rosso with 20ml Mezcal Vida, 10ml Vulson, 15ml Campari, 2ml Orange Bitters and garnish with lemon zest.

    The most difficult classic cocktail to make?
    All classic cocktails are very easy to make, but at the same time they can be very difficult too. Ia��ll say that there are too many ways to make a bad drink.

    If someone was celebrating their anniversary, what would you make for them?
    I would start with a glass of Grey Goose Le Fizz to celebrate, and then it will be up to their taste. The Grey Goose Le Fizz is an elegant and refreshing combination of Grey Goose vodka, fresh lime juice and elderflower. Shake over ice, then strain into a flute, and serve topped with soda.
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