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    Even though over the years actress Evan Rachel Wood has held our attention with her tumultuous personal life, we are eager to see The Ides of MarchA�actress as a cowgirl, in the sci-fi drama Westworld. Created by Jonathan Nolan (younger brother of Christopher Nolan and co-writer of Interstellar) and his wife, Lisa Joy, the television series is a remake of the 1973 movie of the same name. With a star cast, which includes Anthony Hopkins and Ed Harris, the plot is based on a machines vs humans premise. Here the 29-year-old actress talks about the new show and how she coped in the Western setting.

    Leta��s talk about the show
    Ita��s based on Michael Crichtona��s 1970s film, but ita��s really just the premisea��this is a complete re imagining. Instead of focusing on the humans being terrorised by robots gone haywire, ita��s flipping that on its head and it focuses more on the hosts, as we like to call them, and what would that be like if they were trapped in a world they thought was real.
    The show focuses more on the hosts than the film did?
    Yes, and they raise questions about how you measure feeling and sufferinga��but when you think about it, what is consciousness? We dona��t really know. Thata��s one of the many things we tackle on the show.

    Your mind state after appearing in the show?
    I genuinely started questioning my own reality. There was at least one moment I remember very specifically on set, when I was kind of scared, just thinking: I honestly dona��t know anymore. I realised that our DNA and computer code really isna��t that different. And computer chips in our brains are not all that far away.

    How was it working with Jonathan and Lisa?
    They are the smartest people I knowa��so gracious and down to earth considering they are absolute geniuses. What theya��ve done with the showa��Ia��m just in awe of them every day.

    With bustles and long frocks, Dolores has quite a different style to yours.
    You know, it was funny, because Ia��m such a tomboy. But one thing I love about Dolores, which you will see more of, is that she is the quintessential beauty, but shea��s also a farm girl. Shea��s a cowgirl. Shea��s tough. Shea��s the one that you can fall in love with.A�WestworldA�can give you that experience as well. ItA� doesna��t just have to be sex and guns, you can actually be a knight in shining armour and go save the damsels from the train tracks and fall in love.

    WestworldA�premieresA�TuesdayA�at 10 pm on StarA�World PremiereA�HD
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