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Ayush Arora will delight you with his DnB beats tonight

Drum and Bass India, a movement to promote Indian DnB (Drum n Base) artistes and DJs, brings UP7T aka Ayush Arora to the city tonight. The New Delhi boy is passionate about bass music and plays drum a�?na�� bass, dubstep, grime and footwork. The artiste tells us how he was drawn into the world of DnB. a�?I grew up listening to Bollywood and Hindi pop. One day, a friend introduced me to Bob Sinclair and David Guetta. Since I am also a dancer, I was instantly drawn to their brand of electronic music,a�? he reveals
But the first gig that he played in 2010 was far from encouraging, he recalls, adding, a�?But I have been trying and I think Ia��ve come a long way.a�? He also draws inspiration from Om Unit, Break-age, 16 Bit, Ramadanman, Calibre, Mark Pritchard and Zomby, among others.

June 3. At Church Street Social. 9. 30 pm onwards. Details:7899012855

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