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    Solli Adi is a game show tailor-made to entertain the public and the enormous fan base that the Chennai Super Kings still enjoy in the city. Though the team is not playing in this yeara��s edition of the IPL, the show must go on. I caught up with Suresh, the programming head of Hello FM, and the host of the show, to find out more.

    With CSK not in the fray, what direction has Solli Adi taken?
    Ita��s very unfortunate that we dona��t have CSK in this IPL season. So we decided to do the show for the teams led by our favourite captain, Dhoni, and vice-captain, Virat Kohli. This season is a double dhamaka for all our fans.

    What has the response been to the new avatar?
    Ever since the first IPL season, Solli Adi has been the only cricket show on radio with an enormous response from listeners across Tamil Nadu. Every year, we have this show in Chennai and Coimbatore, but this year we have taken it pan state through a live simulcast. Now the fan following has increased hugely across the state.

    Has the absence of CSK brought down listener numbers?
    CSK fans do miss the team, but that has not led to a drop in listenership. Though Dhoni has moved to a new team, his connect with Chennai cricket fans is still strong. Everyone recalls his and Virata��s incredible combination in the T20 World Cup, which took the team into the semis. This has definitely kept the momentum among the fans.

    Besides the show, what else have you been up to?
    My passion, apart from radio, is cinema. Ia��ve always wanted to be a filmmaker, so I make sure to keep that on track, too. I directed a short film titled Gayathri & Family and am now planning to direct another one soon. Also, my new on-air show, Cinemayana, in which I talk cinema, makes me feel like Ia��m never off the field. Apart from this, I have my shuttle and cricket bats reserved for the weekends. You can catch up with me any time over a game.
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