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    Prepare to be impressed by a line of wartime-inspired bikes and accessories, by Royal Enfield

    aking a page out of its history books, Royal Enfield is recreating the magic of its wartime motorcycles that served in the fleets of despatch riders. What this means for you is that on July 15, the companya��s website (store.royalenfield.com) will open bookings for their Desert Storm Despatch and Squadron Blue Despatch in India (with an additional Battle Green Despatch for international markets). And given that there will be only 200 bikes of each variant, youa��re bound to miss them if you even blink. Leta��s clarify though, that the motorcycles are essentially the companya��s Classic 500 variant in single saddle avatars that are hand painted using the film transfer technique. This hands-on process ensures that no two motorcycles have the same design, making yours the only one of its kind to leave their factory.
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    Italian leather seats, a leather buckle strap to hold the air filter box and non-reflective matte black paint on the engine are some of the other features of these motorcycles. Besides the machines themselves, the company is also rolling out a collection of accessories inspired by the gear that the despatch riders used on assignments. Expect regimental detailing on leather jackets, over shirts, denim trousers with knee patches and water resistant canvas bags. Fabrics range from leather to twill and canvas, all chosen for their utility, while motifs such as hexa-quilt detailing are inspired by the nuts and bolts of the motorcycle. Classic touches like leather shoulders and elbow patches on woollen sweaters are another highlight.
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    Sold exclusively at Royal Enfield retail outlets, the accessories include leather belts, wallets and shoes that come with ankle guards and toe shifters that are both aesthetic and functional. And post this collection, Royal Enfield is working on new platforms and multiple products between 250-750 cc which they believe will fuel the companya��s growth in the coming years. a�?Our aim is to become global leaders in the mid-size motorcycle segment. All our new products in the next three to five years will be in the 250-750 cc category,a�? says Rudratej Singh, president Royal Enfield.
    The Limited Edition Despatch Motorcycles will be priced higher than the Classic 500 (`1,81,000 on road). Details: 42180205

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