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Rebel director Anurag Kashyap makes a small screen comeback withYudh

Amitabh Bachchan debuts on television in Yudh, a series directed by Anurag Kashyap, as Yudhishthir Sikarwar, a real estate baron diagnosed with a degenerative neurological disorder. The script, also by Kashyap, weaves in the charactera��s rise, struggles, his health and relationships.

Kashyap is less known, however, for his successful collaboration with actor-writer-director Akash Khurana on Kabhie Kabhie. A 25- episode series from 1997, starring Lilette Dubey, it is a gripping tale of a deep friendship between two women lawyers, Radha (Shefali Chaya) and Mandira (Iravati Harshe), their fight to stay friends despite being opposing counsels and ultimately falling in love with the same man and ruining their relationship.

This year, he broke his television stereotype in true Anurag Kashyap style. As part of the MTV and MTV EXIT, the international campaign against human trafficking, he launched Traffic, a five-episode mini series which he produced and anchored. Speaking of his collaboration with the emotionally gripping show, Kashyap says that he has always been keen that his productions reflect society. a�?Over the last few years, I have wanted to work on a project on human trafficking. So when I was approached by MTV for Traffic, I was thrilled,a�? he says, adding, a�?through these films, I want to reach out to my fans, especially youngsters and make them aware of the perils of trafficking.a�? A thought he swiftly followed up on the Delhi rape incidents with a short film called, That Day After Everyday, that takes a hard look at sexual harassment and violence in India.

In Yudh, Kashyap will be taking on much more as the creative director in a story line, which Bachchan says isna��t about him but about the character Yudh, and the personal yudh (battle) he fights after learning of his collapsing health.

Bulls and bears
The premiere date is still to be
decided, but the buzz around Yudh, to be aired on Sony, is pretty high. Big B in the avatar of Yudhisthir Sikarwar listed his fictional company, Shanti Constructions on the Bombay Stock Exchange and created history when he rang the first trading day at the BSE, an honour that is traditionally reserved for heads of business conglomerates.

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