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    Reeboka��s new brand ambassador on her fitness routine and why it is important for women to up their game.

    If it werena��t for the big banners in Reebok shop windows, showing a fit Kangana Ranaut working out with battle ropes and weights, we may have missed the news that the Queen actress is now the sports and fitness branda��s ambassador. Can we be faulted, when all recent headlines about the 29-year-old has been focussing on a certain tussle with a leading Bollywood actor. But we must concede, the way she has been conducting herself gives credence to Reeboka��s tag line, Fit to Fight.
    Known among the fitness fraternity as an ectomorph (with a lean, delicate body), Ranaut doesna��t strike you as someone who needs to work out. But she insists that she does some form of physical activity for at leastA� an hour a day. a�?I like to keep it varieda��from Pilates to horse riding and even balleta��so I dona��t get bored,a�? she says, adding that mental and emotional fitness is as important. a�?I do pranayam and yoga, and make sure that I balance things with spending time with my family, my dog or listening to good music.a�?
    Sense and sensibility
    While Ranaut has worked on her body to suit the films in handa��a fit yet curvaceous look for Kites, where she worked on her posterior and calves to mimic the body of a salsa dancer, to improving her upper body strength for her role as a cop in Nikhil Advania��s nexta��she does not put any stock in fad diets. Common sense, she believes, is half the battle won. She eats small, frequent meals; snacks on fruits, toast and cookies in between shots; and even ensures she has cheat days when she indulges in her mothera��s besan ka halwa. However, what she does advocate is being prepared (she never travels without her skipping rope and yoga mat), and breaking from routine (she uses her surroundings to work out a��so functional fitness, anyone?). And, for a fashionista like herself, dressing right. a�?Wearing technologically-advanced apparel keeps your body cool, which is essential for a great calorie-burning session. It also gives you a confidence boost,a�? says Ranaut.
    Warrior song
    But more than anything else, the actress wants to inspire. She acknowledges that women sacrifice fitness first in their rush to balance work and home. a�?Todaya��s women are warriors, with a number of roles to play. But what many dona��t realise is that you need to beA� fit physically, mentally and socially to win everyday battles. I want women to take some time out and do at least one fitness activity. This will keep them going the whole day and make them stronger, better versions of themselves,a�? she concludes.

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