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    Sometimes, when you listen to radio stations, ita��s like staring at stagnant water, a breeding ground for mosquitoes. A world filled with insects and diseases, with an odd lotus bobbing on the surface to make it all look pretty. Get any closer and you might just contract malaria or dengue!
    Not reinventing oneself as a radio unit makes the sound old and boring. Some stations sound ridiculously hilarious and, come to think of it, bad or stagnant programming is great comic relief for us listeners. However, the pioneers and path-breakers think differently. They are always many steps ahead and that is why these brands stay on top of the charts.
    Radio Mirchi keeps pulling something out of its bag. They are like Santa to their listeners. Mirchi Unplugged took off with a bang on 98.3 FM, on the second day of this year. Initially, this property was to be a curtain raiser for the music season but, keeping in mind the solemn mood of the city and its residents after the floods, they waited for the New Year. I caught up with Sushmita Chakkungal, AVP cluster programming head, to find out more.

    What is Mirchi Unplugged?
    We bring the auditorium to your home. We play you the hits and how. Musicians and singers visit our studio and orchestrate the song, and since ita��s unplugged, you get the feeling that you are in a concert hall listening to it live. We launched this innovative concept partnering with AR Rahmana��s Sunshine Orchestra and KM Music Conservatory

    Tell us about those who took part.
    We had a power-packed team of musicians and singers, and the end product was fresh and phenomenal. To name a few, there was Prassana, Chinmayi, Achu Rajamani, Pradeep, Ramya, Shakthishree, Devan and Alap Raju.

    How has the response been?
    We ran Mirchi Unplugged in Chennai, Coimbatore and Madurai, and ita��s been a sell-out with our listeners. Going with the tremendous response, we have plans to bring it back with a new set of songs.

    Stay locked and unplugged with 98.3FM. See you next week.

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