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    The award-winning actress talks about her early years with Paddington and why her role is not what you would expect

    Last year was one of the toughest for the beautiful Nicole Kidmana��she lost her father. But this year is starting on a high note, with Paddington releasing on January 22. Kidman will be seen playing Millicent, a museum director, who wants to stuff and mount Paddington the bear. a�?a�?I was the kid who loved the wicked witch in The Wizard Of Oz. So, of course, I grew up to be the girl who wants to play the villain in a movie,a�? laughs the 47-year-old who is married to singer Keith Urban, adding that her two daughtersa��Sunday and Faitha��were often on set. a�?They always saw me get ready and they understand the make-believe of it, which they find intoxicating,a��a�� she says. This year, Kidman will also be seen in movies like The Family Fang and Genius. More from the actress:

    Tell us about your character?
    I play the taxidermist who is trying to stuff Paddington. It is always fun to play the villain because they are so colourful, and with the costumes and the way in which Paula��s given me so many things to play around with, with the character, it was really a fun thing to do.460068436

    Did you grow up with Paddington?
    I grew up reading Paddington (the book series by Michael Bond), loving the bear, his charm, and loving the way he sort of had to survive. I suppose being Australian, it was one of the books that you read. I remember being about six or seven and just hoping Ia��d find my own little Paddington stranded on the street.

    How did you work on developing the look for the character you play?
    I always come into a film and go a�?okay change me, make me into what you want me to bea�� because thata��s what I learnt. I learned in acting school that your whole physicality is just a thing thata��s there to be changed, so that you can create characters.

    How was it working with Paul King?
    He has such a strong sense of emotion mixed with comedy. Ita��s always such a lovely combination.

    Working with David Heyman.
    A lot of times, films are scrambled and you barely have any organisation. This film was extraordinarily well produced and thought out. You need that with something like thisa��with big sets, snow, wind, and when you are up on wires. In spite of all the stuff thata��s going on, ita��s running like clockwork, which is incredible production and thata��s what David does and I really am so grateful because it is like a well-oiled machine.
    Paddington is scheduled to release on January

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