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    Any man who wears cow dung and fish glue as perfume to impress his chick must be really whacked out. And if Salvador Dali happened to be that guy, youa��d expect nothing less. Talking of Mr Dali, the story goes that one day, he walked into a restaurant in Manhattan with his pet in tow. A lady seated nearby panicked as it looked like a real leopard. Dali soothed her frayed nerves by informing her that he had some optical art done on his cat to make it look like a leopard. She was gullible enough to buy it. Little did she know that his pet a�?Baboua�� was an ocelot or a dwarf leopard from Colombia!

    The surrealist painter was neither the first nor the last to pet a bizarre animal. A few years ago, Leonardo DiCaprio showed up at the American Reptile Breeders Conference and Trade Show to buy a�?Jacka��, a 10-year-old tortoise that weighed 17 Kgs. Wonder if the tort is now playing Catch Me If You Can with Leo.

    In comparison, George Clooney went the whole hog when he shared his bed, home and life for 18 full years with a Vietnamese black bristled, potbellied pig called a�?Max the Stara��. David Beckham is another superstar with a fascination for swine. He has two micro-pigs sportingly named after his family friends Elton John and David Furnish. Joining the pig-heads is Miley Cyrus. She was gifted a�?Noraa�� by PETA on her 20th birthday. Ever since, our lady has been a�?wrecking ballsa�� either twerking or booty shaking.

    Mike Tyson and Michael Jackson were made of sterner stuff. At different points in time, both had tigers when the world preferred pooches. Michael Jacksona��s Bengal tigress was a�?Thrillera�� and Tysona��s went by the name a�?Kenyaa��.

    Legally Blonde starlet Reese Witherspoona��s best buddies are donkeys a�?Honkya�� and a�?Tonka��, and goats a�?Booker T Washingtona�� and a�?Lavender Valentinea��. Charlie Sheen, in contrast, has a lizard as his pal that goes by the name a�?Hopper Jra��. While Kirsten Stewart spends all her twilights with her wolf dogs a�?Jacka��, a�?Lilya��, a�?Tommya�� and a�?Lolaa��. If dinosaurs had been around, I bet, someone would have petted them too.

    Know any eccentric pets of exceptional men? Tell all to anantha@albertdali.comA�

    -A�Anantha Narayan


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