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    From masks to inner beauty, trends to look forward to in 2017

    Gouri Kapur, makeup professional
    Natural looking highlighted cheeks that can be created with liquid illuminators.
    Pop colours and retro shades for the lips, nails and eyes.
    Deep coloured lipstick.
    Nail art. This trend is worth trying out, not only because it is so much fun but also because your nails can reflect your personality.
    Graphic eye liner. It is the trend to go for, especially if you are artistic and creative. Smokey eyes should take a back seat for a while.
    Donai??i??t be afraid to be different, quirky or individualistic. Discard what does not suit you even if you have invested a lot into it. Donai??i??t let brands overtake you. You
    should be the brand.

    If 2016 was all about cut, colour and creativity, this year is all set to take us back to a richer and more opulent era. Gone are the watery moisturisers, the dusty powders full of sparkly bits, the harsh matte lip colours and the severe blunt cuts. It is time to embrace the feminine side of beauty, savour the texture and sheen of products, benefit from clever ingredients and admire the super-healthy side of the beauty business. There is a return of whimsy in the form of sheer scarves to adorn the hair, luminescence of the nails and vibrant lip colour. There is a touch of retro in the colours of the season. So whatai??i??s new and whatai??i??s not? Hereai??i??s a heads-up.
    Inner beauty takes the lead
    True beauty begins in the gut. There has been an increased effort by skin care giants to add super foods to beauty products. Several dermatologists are also now in the business of making face and body creams that rely heavily on super foods. Super food beauty is here to stay through the year.
    Mask it your way! How much zyrtec d can i buy in a month
    The face mask is so powerful now that it has even over-shadowed exotic facials. Beauty masks are available both in salons and in the stores and each is designed to brighten, lighten or nourish the skin. The sheet mask will continue to be very important this year but the splash mask is poised for a big come-back. These masks come in the form of a liquid, and though it looks like water, it is in fact, a concentrated tonic that is rich in anti-oxidants, oils, green tea extracts and so much more.
    Read my lips
    Donai??i??t go by the beauty predictions when it comes to lip colour, but do try something different. This should be your mantra because there are so many lip colours that you must try out this year. You can choose from satin, frosted, shimmery and sheer lipsticks but if you are looking for functional lipsticks, go for the plumping, hydrating or long lasting kinds.
    For your eyes only
    Do you remember the time when face contouring was the rage of the day? This is passAi?? now as the focus has now shifted to the eyes. The eye- contouring technique is a big trend for the year and it is best to master this skill from professionals in the field. The process involves using different dark, light and glittery colours on the eyelids and applying eyeliner in various ways to elongate, enlarge or add dimension to the eyes.
    Mane attraction
    Short hair will take centre stage this year but before you embrace this trend, it is imperative to check if you can carry off a very short style with ease. Those who adore their long tresses can rejoice too, because both, straight and relaxed hair, are in vogue now. As for highlights, techniques and colours, soft caramel, golden brown and rose gold ombre will continue to rule the roost.

    Asha Chowdary presents a column on whatai??i??s trending in the world of fashion.


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