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    The weekend got off to an exciting start with a fashion showcase at an unexpected location, thanks to designers Fibin and Imaad. Unveiling their new line, the duo proved to us that there were still a couple of things we havena��t yet seen in Chennai. The Madras Boat Club provided not just the backdrop, but became the runway, as mannequins floated past us on boats on the river, manned artfully by the citya��s star rowers. Guests a�?ooheda�� and a�?aaheda�� and craned their necks for a better view as they watched the drama unfold. Almost like a scene from A Midsummer Nighta��s Dream, materialising from somewhere out of the water and twinkling lights was the a�?showstoppera��, supermodel Erika Packard, flanked by both designers. Safe to say, the desired effect was achieved. Once firmly on dry land, Packard unveiled the latest line, in a series of photographs by G Venket Ram.
    Saturday saw the Radiant Wellness Conclave, which brought together Chennaia��s intelligentsia, with corporate chiefs, top businessmen and diplomats in attendance. Guests of honour Shabana Azmi and Javed Akhtar had the audience engrossed in a one-and-a-half hour-long conversation with Dr Renuka David, sharing their analogies on work-life balance. Milkha Singh, who was awarded the first Wellness Icon Award, delivered his speech as always in Hindi, and at the age of 86, his passion is as unmistakable as ever. Minnie Menon, who curated the event, summed it up by saying a�?as an evening it was an education even for the educated.a�?
    On Sunday, Audi launched the A6 Matrix in the city at the ITC Grand Chola, making it their sixth launch this year. Actor Pooja Kumar unveiled the car, talking about its new features and managing to keep the conversation entirely car-centric and away from her upcoming movie projects. Keeping the crowd entertained were Evam Standup Tamashaa��s Aravind SA and Bhargav a�?Baggya�� Ramakrishnan, who started off with a few good natured jibes about typical Chennai behaviour, moving on to the citya��s Formula 1 fixation and love for fast cars.
    Perhaps one of the most star-studded parties of the weekend was the 6th edition of the 80s actorsa�� reunion. Celebrated at Nina Reddya��s guest house on Olive Beach, the event, curated by Suhasini, Lissy and Kushbu was themed around the movie Moulin Rouge. This edition of the reunion saw the stars, including Jackie Shroff, Mohanlal and Chiranjeevi, dance to the Lungi Dance before Mohanlal entertained guests with some magic tricks.


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