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With each dish looking straight out of a fairytale cookbook, the ai???Inspire me chefai??i?? menu at Okra is a trip worth taking

This one is right out of one of those MasterChef shows on television.Inspire me chef, a newly launched table-of-the-host menuAi??at Okra in Hyderabad Marriott Hotel and Convention Centre, can fulfill all your food fantasies with their six-course meal. What standsAi??outAi??about each dish
is its presentation ai??i?? fluffy sorbets with an artfully crafted wafer, macaroons and desserts like The Earth that comprises contrasting colours like yellow, red and brown.ai???You first eat with your eyes before you actually dig in. So the visual appeal and the sense of smell is just as important as the taste,ai??? says Yogender Pal, executive chef at the outlet.
Food art
At the start of the meal, we are served a Macaroon with a Chicken Liver Patty. For this, the chef manages to strike the right balance of flavours. The crunchy portion of the macaroon perfectlyAi??complementsAi??theAi??richAi?? texture of the liver patty. Next up, forAi??appetisersAi??we haveAi??the Soya Glazed Chicken Terrine.Ai??The chicken is served with a slice of orange, adding to the colours. A burst of sour and sweet flavours (from the jelly used in the dish) hit your tastebuds instantly.Ai??Then a lemon, chilliAi??and vodka sorbet, acts as a palate cleanser.Ai??Ai??Meanwhile the GreenAi??Pea Veloute with butter-poached prawns also stands out. An ideal comfort food for a rainy day
and the ample butter gives it aAi??creamy texture.
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Next up is Squid Ink Ravioli with tomato and seafood butter. While the hero of the dish remains the ravioli (flavoursome thanks to the squid ink),Ai??the tomato and seafood butter has a tangyAi??flavour to it, adding a whole new dimension to the dish. The yellow and deep purple flowers used to decorate the platter would make ithighly Instagram-worthy. In the mains, try the Pan-seared Lamb Loin with red cabbage purAi??e, fondant potatoes and baby carrots. This dish has an assortment of flavours and a perfect balance of flavours, albeit the lamb is more chewy than expected. The savoury flavour from the purAi??e and the potatoes complements the sweetness from the baby carrots.
Sweet and sour
The menu truly saves the best for the last. The Earth, a concept dessert created by Ratheesh Unni Nair, junior sous chef, pastry, is truly remarkable. The dish is served in a mould of tempered chocolate, with citrus vanilla mousseline, sour cherry compote and chocolateAi??inside.Ai??Even as you dig in, you donai??i??t know what to expect. The sourness from the cherry compote perfectly blends with the smoothness of mousseline and sweetness of the chocolate. The dessert is straight out of a bestselling cookbook and makes sure you leave the table with a satisfied smile on your face.

The menu is available for dinner, everyAi??SaturdayAi??starting fromAi??February 25.
Price for two: Rs 1,500++
Details: 27522568

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