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    A store thata��s a perfect blend of quirk and class

    For rare and off-beat finds from every nook and cranny of our country that is blessed with an immense reserve of handicrafts and skilled artisans, visit The Conversation at 10th main, Indiranagar. A charming little shop located in an old house, the store vows to give you products that are unique and limited as every single one of them is hand-crafted.

    Working with village artisans and accomplished designers alike, owner Amit Sarin curates a collection of quirky, classy and traditional pieces, each one more beautiful than the last.

    BuyAnchor3a�?The idea is to put a contemporary spin on traditional handicrafts,a�? Sarin tells us, pointing to a row of mulmul, cotton and Kerala sari curtains that have been block-printed with pigments rather than vegetable dyes, to prevent them from fading quickly. Their Jaipuri quilts too have been given a modern interpretation in terms of ease of wash, with a thermal insert that is machine washable, unlike traditional ones.

    Recycled perfection
    Sarin is also big on upcycling and repurposing waste materials from factories and demolished buildings, with pieces from patchwork quilts and the threads on their katran chairs and poufs taken from the floors of garment factories. The teak-wood mirror frames and the legs of their side-tables have all been crafted from reclaimed wood, Sarin tells us proudly.

    Their line of blue pottery from Jaipur is also a unique selection of products with rare colours like shades of green, yellow and dull orange that are not normally used in the art form. a�?If you go to Jaipur, youa��ll find a million pieces of blue pottery. Ita��s not so special there. But we make sure that we only source really off-beat pieces that you will not find easily,a�? Sarin says and shows us a square pot, that is next to impossible to make on the wheel. a�?For every ten they try to make, at least five are sure to break. Thata��s why this particular piece is so special,a�? he explains.

    Rs. 250 upwards. Details: 41518003

    a��Rashmi Rajagopal


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