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    Icy mountains and musical talk shows take over the InternetA�

    Greater heights
    The aerial cinema experts at Teton Gravity Research have released this breathtaking drone video, documenting Nepal before the earthquake. The first ever ultra HD footage, it is filmed from a helicopter, starting at Kathmandu at 4,600 ft to over 24,000 ft at the peak of Mount Everest. Zooming in on the city, rivers, gorges, valleys and the Himalayas, including mountains Ama Dablam and Lhotse, it is a stunning, crisp, clear view of the nation.
    Damme, hea��s good
    Jean-Claude Van Damme has always been a favourite with the fans. And as stunning as he was in the film Kickboxer way back in 1989, his performance on Conan last week will leave you in awe. Hea��s challenged to recreate the dance scene in the pub, and almost pulls it off better than he did over 25 years ago. Joined by extras to add to the stylisation, it is worth a watch to see the 54-year-old bust those good old moves, as only he can.
    Extreme drama
    At a whopping 23,736,473 views, Jimmy Fallon and Jack Black really take viral videos to the next level. Together on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, the duo has a flashback moment and perform the ballad More Than Words, by the band Extreme. Complete with the black and white video, long haired wigs and dramatic expressions, this is worthy of being the most watched and liked video online, right now.
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