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Freshly brewed ale is the seasonai??i??s flavour, but for how long?

Nobody has beer these days and it has nothing to do with the weather. Winter is here but beer lovers have not moved to sterner stuff; they have just shifted to freshly brewed beer. Micro beer is the trend the city is loving to chase and those who still order their beer in bottles are fashion Luddites to be frowned upon.
The little birdie told me this herself. ai???Pint? Are you out of your minds? Who has bottled beer? What would you do next ai??i?? book a taxi by making a phone call through a landline?ai???
Shaken, and stirred, I tried to order a fresh beer when I also discovered there is a choice of flavour to be made ai??i?? wheat or fruit cider, English ale or stout, or pilsner or this-or-that-something. Used to be nice, I felt for a while, when they just came as light or strong, big or pints, and a few colours for the bottle max.
We love to chase trends and be consumed by them so bad, we can ignore everything else. In a different age, it was ice-cream parlours, then came the burger joints, then Chinese foods, then Mexican, then came the early pubs, then the pool parlours,
then the cyber-cafes, then the bowling galleries, and the sports bars, then discotheques, then lounge bars, coffee bars, then pubs went obsolete to be replaced by a new-generation-same-things called clubs; then stoned ice-cream mixes and salad bars.
This season, head to a micro-brewery, take an Uber home and, if hungry at midnight, stop over at a food truck.
We also ditch trends real bad. The very places we are thronging to today are the ones we will refuse to be persuaded to visit in a while. Let the micro-breweries make beer while the hay lasts or the sun shines or whatever till the Hyderabadiai??i??s favour remains with them.
Beer goes flat after a while, even freshly brewed one. And the words that echo will be the words you play today; nothing lasts forever. And you might add, in Hyderabadai??i??s social life.
TAILPIECE: When you are tired of trends, you come back to good old things; tastes you never grow too old, always linger, never die. These are the classics, the relics, the epics, the icons, the forevers. The biryani and irani chai, paya and haleem, idli and masala dosa, pani puri and falooda. Did I mention a paan?

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