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    Dubai-based Sebastian Farmborough explores themes like emotion and power and has a message in his photos of veiled women, currently trending online

    Sebastian-FarmboroughSebastian Farmborough narrates how a day at the beach in Saudi Arabia turned out to be the inspiration for a project he has been working on for around two years. a�?I was staring at the water when a black figure suddenly emerged and started to walk towards the shore. Only when it came near did I realise it was a veiled woman,a�? he says, adding that this was a shock after the beach culture that he was used to back in Spain. This inspired his photograph of a veiled woman emerging from the water, that has received about 25,000 hits from 155 countries.

    Incidentally, Farmborough hails from the UK where he studied business at Sheffield University, but an interest in photography took him to Spain and then Saudi Arabia. a�?I was in Saudi for three years and fell in love with the culture. I realised that in the West, people from Saudi are portrayed very differently a�� the media gives you the impression that the women are oppressed, the men are violent, etc, which is not true,a�? he says, explaining that his project title An Emerging Mystery, hopes to set this right. Currently shooting in Dubai, Farmborough hopes top get permission to shoot in Saudi soon, so that he can a�?focus on more subjects a�� men, families, culture.a�?
    His pictures, like the veiled woman on a horse and the veiled woman behind the shattered glass have been featured in many regional publications and his aim is to get them featured in as many magazines as possible when the project is complete. a�?I will be shooting a veiled woman with a baby that will symbolise the emotional side of them and another of a veiled woman with a bow and arrow, to symbolise power,a�? says Farmborough, who takes inspiration from the Arabian culture for the concept of the pictures. a�?The bow and arrow was actually used by Arabian women years ago,a�? he explains. Details: sebfarmborough.carbonmade.com

    -Ryan Peppin


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