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Cricket, a con-man and lots of
dramaa��expect all this and
more in Kunal Deshmukha��s
Raja Natwarlala

For Mumbai-based director, Kunal Deshmukh, cricket will always be a part of his films. Like his earlier project, Jannat, its sequel was also based on betting in the world of cricket. His latest venture, Raja Natwarlal, with Emran Hashmi is a con-cum-revenge story. Having worked with the Bhatt clan for several years, Deshmukh is a close associate of director Mohit Suri, with whom he has worked on movies like Zeher and Kalyug. The director also has a restaurant in Pune under the name Trikaya. More from him about his movie, Emraan Hashmi and Yuvan Shankar Raja and the art of conning.

Who is Raja Natwarlal?
He is a street con artiste who pulls small tricks on people. This is a con cum revenge story and is about Raja, who is from Mumbai. While he is busy pulling off these con acts, he gets involved with powerful men and lands in trouble.With the help of a guru, he takes revenge on a business man and thus becomes Natwarlal.

How different is this con film from others in the past?
The last con film from Bollywood was Special Chabbis, which was based onA� a true life incident. There is a lot that goes into a con film and with this one I want to focus on how the mind of a con man works and the different flavours of conning. This genre is new and intelligent.

How did you research
the subject?
I read up a lot online about con men. They are geniuses and I wanted Emraan to learn some acts like playing with cards, etc. I also had to understand that conning has been around for a long time. Some of the basic tricks were pulled back in the 40s,50s and 60s, so the ones in my film had to be recent and different.

On your long collaboration with
Emraan Hashmi.
I first worked with him when I was an assistant director with Vishesh Films. I could not imagine anyone else playing the role of Raja. Jannat was a big hit and it was only right to work with him on the sequel. This is a quintessential Emraan Hashmi film.

How did you rope in Yuvan Shankar Raja for the film?
My first choice was Pritam, but he was busy and he suggested Yuvan. He made me listen to some of his songs, and then I met him. We shared the same wave length and we got him on board. His strong point is melodies and he is here to stay in Bollywood.

Raja Natwarlal is scheduled to release on August 29.
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