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    Madhav Chari on feeling the music and what a jazz novice must listen to

    You are not meant to understand jazz; you are meant to enjoy it. Renowned city-based jazz pianist, Madhav Charia��s words are music to my untrained ears. Ahead of his concert this weekend, on one of his rare public performances, he says, a�?I am not expecting you to understand the technical aspect; I want you to be moveda��by the foot-tapping sound of swing, by the emotion behind the blues and the romantic ballads, and by the chemistry and energy on stage.a�?
    Famously controversial about his stance that India doesna��t have many jazz musicians worth their salt (a�?they cana��t deliver, they just dona��t feel ita�?), he states that many of the international artistes we listen to in the city are quite bad, too. a�?The French and German musicians play a post-modern jazz that is all intellectual. Ia��ve heard music from the source, from great New Orleans musicians like Wynton Marsalis and Kenny Barron. So when I listen to these artistes, ita��s much like listening to real Carnatic music in sabhas, and then going to Toronto to listen to a gharana of Indian music there,a�? he laughs.
    Keeping up tradition
    Though he keeps away from the club scene, because a�?the audience is completely undisciplineda�?, and limits his performances so that he doesna��t overexpose himself, Madhav Chari has been consistently conducting jazz workshops and outreach programmes since 2003a��to introduce people to a�?this great tradition of music and what its energy is likea�?. In fact, hea��s already done over 100, and now he plans to write a book on jazz for the Indian audience. a�?I play jazz like the living tradition it is,a�? he signs off. And if you dona��t know what that means, we suggest you head to Museum Theatre tomorrow at 7 pm, to see him perform with drummer Jeoraj George and bassist Naveen Kumar.
    Details: eventjini.com

    The other side of music
    The most important book written on jazz music, according to Madhav Chari, is Considering Geniusa��Writings in Jazz by Stanley Crouch. A series of articles on the great musicians, and even movies on them, it is an engrossing read. But if youa��d rather watch a movie, try out Ken Burnsa�� 10-part series, Jazz, with great fotage of artistes like Billie Holiday.

    The jazz wishlist

    Count Basiea��s The Complete Atomic Basie and Count Basie Swings and Joe Williams Sings: Two critically-acclaimed, bold works of big-band recordings

    Oscar Petersona��s We Get Request: Great piano and solid rhythmic blend

    Duke Ellingtona��s 70th Birthday Concert: A live album, it gives an idea of how a great jazz band sounds in concert

    John Coltranea��s John Coltrane and Johnny Hartman: Great jazz vocals counterpointed by great
    saxaphone melodies

    Stan Getza��s Serenity and Anniversary: A great example of the living tradition that Madhav Chari follows

    Surya Praphulla Kumar


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