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    Actress Amrit Maghera opens up about her time spent on the sets of Angry Young Goddesses and lessons learnt

    04December-Actress1Taking a cue from the iconic Frida Kahlo, all the girls from the cast of Angry Young Goddesses one day came to set with the artista��s famous uni-brow. The crew found it hilarious. This is just one of the pranks played out on the film set, divulges Amrit Maghera, one of the Goddesses from the movie. Directed by Pan Nalin, the film (Indiaa��s first buddy movie, according to the promos) has already made the rounds at international film festivals and is arriving in our theatres today. Maghera, whose first role as a giggling ten-year-old was Helena from Midsummer Nighta��s Dream in a school play, portrays the character of aspiring Bollywood actress Joanna Mendes in the film.

    Being in focus
    At the age of 32, British-Punjabi Maghera has ticked quite a few boxes A�a�� she has danced in music videos, starred in a Punjabi film and been a brand ambassador for beauty brand, Lakme. a�?But I like acting the most, as it allows me to do it all,a�? exclaims the actress, who was referred to as the most promising newcomer this year, by the Harpera��s Bazaar magazine.

    Her twitter feed is filled with retweets of her co-stars, like Anushka Manchanda a�?Thata��s one thing we learnt on set, to celebrate each othera��s success,a�? says the actress who will not attend the filma��s premier in India, as she has rejoined the cast of her UK TV show, Hollyoaks. To create the chemistry that we see in the trailers of Goddesses, it took intensive workshops which included trust exercises. It obviously paid off as they received an eight-minute standing ovation at the Toronto International Film Festival and won the Peoplea��s Choice Award at the Rome Film Festival. a�?This movie with no massive budget but seven brave women, both new and seasoned, has already appealed to the senses of 57 countries,a�? she says.

    We asked her if as an NRI from London, she had trouble blending in. a�?On the contrary, I enjoyed it! Throughout the movie, I just trusted Pan Nilan and never worried about a thing.a�?Among the Bollywood movies she enjoyed, Queen tops the list. Maghera also wants to work with Ranbir Kapoor. She is a travel and food junkie. a�?We girls bonded over peanut butter and nutella sandwiches on the set,a�? she admits, something that soon earned them the title of a�?Hungry Young Goddessesa��!
    Angry Indian Goddesses releases today.

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