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    OR MOST people, radio is about air waves throbbing with music and banter but only a radio professional knows the diligence that goes into packaging seamless content. We asked RJ Rashmi Vasudeva just what she did as a programming coordinator at Timbre Media and
    she responds, “I was responsible forthe functioning of Radio Falak which had the nationa��s best Urdu radio jockeys. People misunderstand radio to be only voice oriented but it has a lot to do with programming and technical detailing. When I started my career with Radio One, nobody could comprehend the role that I played. A programming team decides everything that goes on air.At Big 92.7, I worked in liaison with the programming team whilst serving the activation team as Client Servicing Executive.a�?

    So how did she manage content? She answers, a�?I used to decide what song was broadcast when and how. It was both science and art. I had to ensure that I made full use of the library which was subject to periodical changes and it was also my responsibility to ensure that the station did not sound repetitive or predictable. One must constantly come up with innovative ideas toretain listener attention and also loyalty. For instance, every radio station celebrates star birthdays but Radio Falak celebrated Ghaliba��s birth anniversary and I spent days putting the content together.a�?
    She also has been an RJ for over five years and says, a�?RJs should be hired to project an innate personality and not be moulded to sound the way a station wants them. For me, my first time on air was my dream come true. I had goosebumps and the fact that the city was tuned in to my show took time to sink in. My show was called Bengaluru Top 30 and listeners would bring my favourite sweets, gifts and letters to the studio. A lovely lady sent across a box full of idlis and yummy chutneys just for me!a�?
    As for what FM could do better,she responds, a�?It must have more variety in music. Even the retro playlists have songs from two or
    three singers only and ignore the treasure trove we have. News broadcasts must be allowed on commercial radio stations.a�?And what has radio taught her? She smiles, a�?that music and meaningful conversation break barriers and connect one individual to another.a�?
    a��Reema Moudgil


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