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Herea��s why fans of the RJ turned TV host should not miss Why this Kolaveri?

ALAJI Patturaj, better known as RJ Balaji,A�hasA�been far from idle afterA�completing his movie,A�Theeya Velai Seiyanum Kumaru.A�Besides hosting Big Talk on Big FM, his foray into the small screenA�with Zee Tamila��s reality show,A�Why this Kolaveri?,A�has created ripples. The first episode, aired on December 14, had a new concept a��participants singing songs while doing weird things, like standing on a two-tonne block of ice.A�Why this Kolaveri?A�is similar to the American reality show, Killer Karaoke. Patturaj talks to us about his new show and his movies:

In Killer Karaoke, participants sing when snakes are being thrown at them. Or contestants are made to sing while standing in a tub full of worms. We dona��t take it to such severe levels. Instead, we have tailor-made the show for our audience. However, you still have to sing while being a�?tortureda��a��like walking blindfolded through a cactus maze. And the best part is that nobody complains. This is not a TV show where people cry and create drama. You come, sing in weird circumstances and go. Our tasks are pretty reasonable and nobody has to deal with snakes and scorpions.

I signed up for the show because there are no set rules and no scripts to follow.A�I can talk the way I talk on radio; in fact, I am even allowed to sneeze on screen! I can be myself. The makers of the show bought the rights for the original show. I have completed more than nine episodes and I have loved the experience. I have never tried singing, though.
I am done shooting for a movie called Vadagiri with actor Jai. After Theeya…, I got some offers, but I want to do things that will give me satisfaction and peace. No matter what,A�I will never leave radio.

Why this Kolaveri? is aired onA�Zee Tamil, on Saturdays and Sundays,A�at 7 pm

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