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    On Teen Wolf, Malia Tatea��s struggle to integrate with the real world continues

    Malia Tatea��s character graph in Teen Wolf is nothing short of a rollercoaster. Following an accident early in her childhood, she morphed into a werecoyote. And now, in her teenage years, shea��s getting back to being a human. All thanks to her high school friends in Beacon Hills, especially the werewolf Scott McCall (the protagonist), and his a�?humana�� buddy, Stiles Stilinski. With time, the Tate-Stilinski friendship has taken a romantic turn.
    The soon-to-be-aired Season 5 will explore this relationship, and liasions among other members of the a�?packa��, says actress Shelley Henning, who plays the werecoyote. a�?The pack is in trouble this season (because of the new villains, called Dread Doctors). So the show will explore new challenges, and how they affect various relationships in our group,a�? explains the former Miss Teen USA.
    Tatea��s identity crisis often diffuses the tension on the show. Henning explains, a�?A lot of comedy on the show comes from Tatea��s animal side, that she is still an animal in the human world. In a man-woman relationship, usually men like to take charge. But here Tate is a little aggressive, and a little too non-traditional. She is unapologetic about her differences with the humans around her, and this is what I love about my character.a�?
    Amidst her constant struggle to switch back and forth between being a human and a werecoyote, and adjusting to the school pressure, Tate is also looking for big answers a�� Is her mother alive? And, where is she? a�?On the show, I get to play a range of emotions. I dona��t just depend on gags to make Tate look funny. The writers have done a good job,a�? says Henning, who has been part of another supernatural teen drama, The Secret Circle, before.
    When Henning is off work, she likes to tune in to Documentary Now! (a mockumentary series), and the crime drama, Rectify. She promises you will see her producing her own TV shows. Premieres on May 7. 11 pm, on AXN

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