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    Singer-turned-actor, Jussie Smollett, on what to expect in season three of Empire

    BE IT A duet with Mariah Carey or his gripping performance in Empire as Jamal Lyon, this California-based lad sure knows how to keep his fans on their toes. One of the stars to be honoured alongside John Legend and Pharrell Williams at the 47th edition of the NAACP Image Awards (2016), singer-turned-actor Jussie Smollett tells us about his best-kept Empire secrets.

    Favourite moment in season two finale?
    My favourite moment was Jamal getting shot. I felt like that was just so OG (read a�?original gangstaa��) of him to take a bullet for Lucius, even though he shouldna��t have. Ia��m also interested to see who got pushed off the balcony.

    What are the fans in for next?
    Ia��m excited for fans to see the next level in the journey of the Lyon family. But with that said, my favourite is that we go back to season one in many ways, where it feels like ita��s rooted in family.

    On Jamala��s journey from season one to two.
    The change was really in season two. Jamal really got to a place, where he almost didna��t recognise who he was, with all of the glitz and the glamour. But this season, we see him struggling with healing from being shot. We see him struggling with PTSD.

    More on season three
    You know the cool thing about Empire is that if you think about it, each season has been a different backstory. This season, wea��re going to see an incredible backstory of how this insane but true love affair and love of all time began with Lucius and Cookie.

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