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    Alesha Dixon opens up about the latest season of Britaina��s Got Talent
    She began her musical career with the famed girl band Mis-Teeq, but since 2005, Alesha Dixon has been riding solo. Returning to the judging panel of Britaina��s Got Talent, which sees Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden and David Walliams as her co-judges, Dixon tells us that shea��s thrilled to be back and that it is like a dream job where a�?we come to work and spend most of the day laughing and get to be entertained by weird, wonderful, bad or crazy actsa��. Before the season premieres, Dixon tells us more about why it a�?is not going to disappointa��. Plus, quick quips from Cowell.

    Anything youa��re particularly looking forward to this year?
    I am always looking forward to the singers and the dancers, purely because thata��s my passion. But at the same time, I really look forward to being surprised and seeing acts that do something Ia��ve never seen before. Or something so ridiculously bad that ita��s hilariously funny. I embrace all types of acts and variety a�� it is what makes this show.

    David Walliams won Best TV Judge at the National TV Awards. Has that changed anything?
    The fact that Simon graciously accepted the award on his behalf didna��t help matters. The ?rst audition we did, David kept putting the award on the desk and rubbing it in his face.A�Every time Simon would say something to him that wasna��t particularly ?attering, David would just pull the award out and say, a�?The people have spokena��. So we saw a lot of the award!

    Is there pressure to ?nd better talent?
    Each year the standard gets higher and higher. Whenever we start the next round of auditions, we pray that someone incredible comes through. We dona��t want to settle and think that was OK. We want someone whoa��s going to be better than anything wea��ve seen.

    Have there been disagreements?
    Often, an act may come onto the stage that Simon and I love, but Amanda and David dona��t, or Amanda and I might love it and the boys dona��t. We all have areas that we are drawn towards but that makes it interesting. Ita��s healthy to have debates about our different tastes.If you didna��t have that then the show wouldna��t be diverse. I love the little squabbles because ita��s always done with love!
    Starts June 1, 9 pm on Vh1
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