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    Mandeep Nagi of Shades of India talks about her current line and her unconventional model

    There is a signature timelessness about Shades of Indiaa��s newest line of kurtas, blouses, jackets and shawls titled Cinnamon a�� a�?that which is rough and weathered but can add character and flavour when useda��. On display at Amethyst, the artful restraint with colour is appreciated, and not surprising from someone like Mandeep Nagi. In fact, Delhi-based Nagi, who is the director of Shades of India, has another discovery thisA� season a�� of a woman whose day job as her neighboura��s domestic help, didna��t detract from her natural beauty and poise. As an ode to the collection, Nagi presents this new model (left) Kamala, who showcases each article of clothing with a flair that will put many top models to shame. a�?Every woman at every stage of life is very beautiful and special and no woman should think that shea��s not pretty or amazing,a�? says Nagi. Using home textiles in her creations,A� her line is perfectA� for global women dealing with varying weather updates. The jackets are a staple that will hold good right through the year and are named Monet, Kahlo and Dali. Expect red, dark blue and brown hues that work in both Indian and European landscapes. There are body-skimming blouses and kurtas that can be worn with silk pants and flowing skirts. And scarves called Helen, Serika and Margery that come in natural fibres with delightful detailing.
    At Amethyst, from Rs 3000 onwards, Details: 45991630

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