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Fiat gives a shot in the arm to its sedan segment, with the updated 125 S

Any sedan that comes from the Fiat stable has some big boots to fill, considering the iconic status of the Fiat 1100a��sold as the Premier Padmini in India, inspired by the eponymous Rajput princess. The legendary car was rather popular in the domestic market, right till the end of its production run in 2000. As of today, the Linea holds the fort as the only three-box car from Fiat, but it still hasna��t quite been able to replicate the runaway success of the beloved Padmini.

Jet, set, go
In a bid to recapture its original fan following, Fiat is now capitalising on its engine building skills. The brand has introduced a more powerful variant of the car, the Fiat Linea 125 S. With a power boost of 11PS over the current versionsa��namely Active, Dynamic and Emotiona��it churns out 125PS from the re-tuned 1,368cc engine. Note that this is the same T-Jet petrol unit which, when powering the Fiat Avventura Abarth, makes 140PS. Besides the changes under the hood, the Linea has been revamped a little from the inside, too. The 125 S variant comes with modern day staples like a five-inch touchscreen infotainment system with navigation, a rear-view camera, ambient lighting and a cruise control option. Rs 10.47 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi)

Variant trail
The 125 S doesna��t look very different from its regular counterparts. Only the T-Jet badge on the front fender and the 125 S insignia on the rear distinguish it from the lower-powered 114PS Lineas on the road. But we assume thata��s because Fiat is only aiming for the true enthusiasts whoa��re willing to forgo ancillary displays for real power-packed performance. Unlike the Abarth cars that spell their racier intentions out loudly with some heavy stickering and badging, this onea��s a bit of a sleeper.

Diesel reboot
Along with the new Linea 125 S, Fiat has also introduced new variants of the hatchback Punto Evo and the crossover Avventura. The PowerTech versions of the two models come powered by Fiata��s 93PS-making diesel engine and are available across all three trimsa��Active, Dynamic and Emotion. Prices for the Punto Evo PowerTech hatch start at `6.81 lakh (ex-Delhi), while the Avventura PowerTech starts at `7.87 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi).

Details: fiat-india.com

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