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A 10-day programme promises to help manage stress, stimulate digestion and build muscle

Therea��s a cycle most of us are familiar witha��16-hour schedules of working, stressing, binge-eating, and then repeating it all. Well, now you can beat that grind says Shantala Medappa. Starting today, the city-based yoga instructor is organising a 10-day Mind & Body Detox programme. a�?All of us encounter stress in our lives, in varying degrees. In fact, even if you exercise and eat right, therea��s no escaping things like air and noise pollution. This programme is designed to help counter these ill effects,a�? she begins. On day one (which is free), there will be a face-to-face with all the participants, to assess their requirements. Then, depending on the a�?age group, general ailments and need for a specific focusa�?, the classes will be broadly structured.
Cleanse right
The series of 60-minute sessions will begin with five minutes of relaxation, a�?to get you in the mooda�?, followed by cleansing kriyas and 1Pranayama. a�?The asanas that followa��like ardha matsyendrasana (half spinal twist) and dhanurasana (bow pose)a��have all been designed for detoxification. They will massage your internal organs, help activate your digestive system, enabling you to absorb nutrients better and discard toxins from your body,a�? explains the 40-something, adding that dietary counselling will also be included. Participants will be introduced to the yogic or Satvic dieta��with an emphasis on organic foods that are seasonal and cooked fresh. a�?Eating is the single most important act of onea��s yoga practice. Nourishment of the body forms the foundation of the nourishment of your mind and emotions,a�? says Medappa, who hopes people will experience higher levels of energy, stronger immunity, clearer skin and greater flexibility at the end of her classes.
Open to all. Rs 1,500 (for members) and Rs 2,500 (for non-members). At Rutland Gate Studio. Till October 9, from 9.15-10.15 am.
Details: 28330280

Yoga in Thailand
If youa��d like to step up your detox regimen, you could sign up for Medappaa��s upcoming four-nights-five-days detox vacation to Koh Samui, Thailand. Organised in association with Footprint Holidays (December 2- 6, at Elements Boutique Resort & Spa), it will include yoga, meditation, talks on nutrition, masterclasses for smoothies, juices and raw food, massages, biking and even aqua yoga. a�?It is designed to help you detoxify after the Diwali indulgence and help kick-start the new year,a�? she concludes. For a minimum of 16 participants, at Rs.53,000 each.

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