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    Youa��ve probably seen him shuttling from Blue Ginger to Mynt and then on to Masala Klub, but what you dona��t know of executive chef Sandip Narang from The Taj West End, is that he may have been a film director. We let you in on his secrets, but of the non-culinary kind.

    What inspires you?
    A chance reading of Harold McGeea��s iconic book, On Food and Cooking a�� The Science and Lore of the Kitchen. I was completely intrigued by reading about the magical reactions that cooking has on various ingredients and the amazing stories and history behind them. It still inspires me!

    Back to school.
    At school, I enjoyed learning about chemistry. But I absolutely disliked Calculus. Be it differential, integral, series, vector or multivariable. I found it impossible to comprehend.

    The hardest laugh youa��ve had.
    I laugh all the time but cannot recollect when was the hardest I ever laughed! It would probably be something unprintable though!

    On travelling.
    Travelling is the biggest teacher. Especially for a chef, it is the best way to understand eating habits and trends. Whenever I travel, I only eat local cuisine.

    Money well spent.
    I spend a lot on kitchen knives, exotic fountain pens and books.

    Current favourite gadget.
    They keep changing. Right now, it is my MISONO UX 10 Gyuto knife. It is as sharp as a Samurai sword.

    Alternate career.
    I love watching movies and reading (all types of books) but I would have probably been in the movie business a�� directing films perhaps!
    a�� Varshini Kodandapani


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