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    Bombay Shirt Company launches its store at Indiranagar

    The Bombay Shirt Company was started as an e-boutique by Akshay Narvekar in the year 2012. It was the only customisable clothing company for men at the time. This week, their first store in the city opened its doors in Indiranagar. a�?Moving into a brick and mortar space was a natural progression for us,a�? says Narvekar. a�?We had started taking up a lot of offline work that included a travelling tailor concept, where a tailoring expert is sent to clientsa�� homes to take measurements, show them fabrics and so on.a�?
    The Bengaluru store is their third after two in Mumbai (Kala Ghoda and Bandra). The two -level space, spread across 1,000 square feet is sunny and charming. It is similar to the Mumbai stores in design a�� a mix of contemporary and old world nostalgia. There is an interactive space in the middle so customers can discuss their concepts and take suggestions with the in-house stylists. The store has been designed by a team made up of the folks from the brand, as well as the Bengaluru-based interior firm, Palm Length.
    Narvekar felt that a young creative population like in Bengaluru will take well to the fun concept the brand offers. Their collection includes a range of up to 130 fabrics that can be mixed and matched with different elements like collars, cuffs, buttons and so on. You can pick design options such as contrasting fabrics and pipings.
    In terms of prints, they have the run of the mill as well as quirky prints, like camouflage and spray paint patterns. Bandhgalas and collared shirts take up space on the shelves. They take orders for daily wear, formal wear and weddings. They have collaborated with many young designers and style influencers like Che Kurrien, Payal Singhal, Purab Kohli and more. Each of their personalities are reflected in their designs.
    Rs 8000 upwards. At CMH Road, Indiranagar. Details: Bombayshirts.com
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