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A quick breakdown of Mercedes-Benza��s new naming strategy for SUVs and what each of them brings to the table.

IT is always confusing when a manufacturer decides to change the naming strategy for model ranges that have been running for a while. All the letters and numbers start getting mixed up, dona��t they? But once you understand the new SUV naming strategy that Mercedes has adopted, you quickly realise that things are actually simpler now than before. So now there is the GLA, GLC, GLE, GLS and the G sitting right on top. And, except for the G63 AMG, all the SUVs run concurrent with their respective sedan namesakes. Moreover, visually, ita��s easy to identify them based on the snouta��s design as well. Details: mercedes-benz.co.in

Mercedes-Benz GLC
Move up in size from the GLA and you have the GLC, running parallel to the C-Class. Armed with permanent all-wheel drive and a revolutionary nine-speed automatic transmission, it is a great mix of compact dimensions, on-road performance and off-road ability. Rs 56.7 lakh onwards ex-showroom, Chennai.

Mercedes-Benz GLA
The GLA is the smallest Mercedes-Benz SUV that you can buy. As the name suggests, it is based on the A-Class platform. Powered by a 1991cc petrol, 183PS, 300Nm inline four-cylinder engine for the GLA 200 and a 2143cc, inline four-cylinder, diesel engine on the GLA 200 d (136PS, 300Nm), this is the perfect entry-level offering as far as luxury SUVs are concerned.
Rs 33.4 lakh onwards ex-showroom, Chennai.

Mercedes-Benz GLE
By now it must be pretty evident that the GLE is the equivalent of the E-Class in the Mercedes-Benz SUV line up. Apart from the bigger dimensions, it doesna��t get any petrol-power. But it does get two very potent diesel engine options. The GLE 250d 4MATIC pumps out 204PS and 500Nm from its 2143cc oil burner and therea��s the GLE 350d 4MATIC with a 2987cc, V6 pumping out 258PS and 620Nm. Rs 63 lakh onwards, ex-showroom, Chennai.

Mercedes-Benz GLS
Always wanted an S-Class, but one that could go anywhere? The GLS is exactly that. Probably one of the plushest and well-appointed SUVs in the market, this one is truly special. Power comes from Mercedes-Benza��s three-litre V6 engine with 258PS and 620Nm on tap on the GLS 350 d 4MATIC. Rs 83.4 lakh onwards, ex-showroom, Chennai.

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