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    Celebrating two decades of publishing, Tara Booksa�� Gita Wolf talks about personal favourites and limited-edition prints

    At Tara Books, they dona��t believe in an ideal reader; rather, they believe that every book finds its reader. Founder Gita Wolf says this has stood them in good stead over the years, helping them bring out books they believe in. a�?Being uncompromising about a booka��s integrity has also earned us respect,a�? she adds. The last two decades have seen them pioneer a lota��like bringing tribal and folk traditions into books and experimenting with form (from content and design to paper and printing). a�?The Book Buildinga��where we host events, conduct workshops and have residencies, besides operating our own book store and gallerya��has also changed how we do a lot of things. We have expanded beyond publishing into a cultural space,a�? she admits.
    Looking to the future, Wolf explains that they want to experiment more with forma��like Japanese artist Nao Saitoa��s book, Travels Through the Tamil Kitchen, to be launched later this year. a�?It is an architectural book that also talks about travel, food and recipes. When you open it, it will unfold like an apartment,a�? she smiles, before listing out some of her favourite books from the last 20 years.

    Surya Praphulla Kumar


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