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Director Trish Sie helps us keep the beat with Step Up

The worlda��s most popular
dance film franchise, Step Up hits
screens today. With the location
for this installment entitled, Step
Up All In, being Las Vegas, fans can expect a glitzy production that
sees the cast members of all the previous films coming together for a reunion of sorts. We chat with director Trish Sie who tells us more on the latest film and working with the old crew.

This is the first in the series that talks about the difficulties a dancer goes through in the real world with limited jobs and plenty of candidates for them.

The lead character, Sean is actually a bit of a grey character who deals with internal struggles. He even turns against his troupe which is unheard of amongst dancers. But there is something for everyone. Right from hip-hop to freestyle.

The biggest challenge for a franchise like Step Up is always a�?how can you step it up with this film?a�� Each film is a masterpiece in its own way and you cannot let down such a huge fan base. And I think it is quite a challenge to take it to a new level.

Bringing together all the cast members for this one was producer Adam Shankmana��s idea. He loves the Fast & Furious series and he loved how the biggest stars came together for the last movie. This is not the final sequel. It is not a franchise that is led by characters, but by dance.

We have actually become a very tight-knit group and that was bound to happen because of dance. When everyone on set shares a certain passion and interest and lives and breathes it day in and day out, it is bound to bring them together.

It has been a bit of a dream come true to reach this stage where I have gotten the chance to make two of the movies in the Step Up series and I am getting interviewed by people like yourself in India! I feel very blessed to have been given so many opportunities at such a young age and it motivates me to try harder and push the envelope further.

The film is getting mixed responses because I think a lot of people are comparing the movie to the previous installments. People do not realise that with each film, we have actually included a lot more dance and made it professional. In this film, each stunt and sequence was real, we did not use special effects or CGI. I am yet to come across a dance enthusiast or a professional in the field who did not like the film.

a��Rashmi Rajagopal