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    Having worked with Jackie Chan, Sonu Sood returns with a new fitness regime, ready to rock the big screen .

    hile many are still chasing the six-pack silhouette,A�SonuA�SoodA�has been there and done that. The 42-year-old tells us that he is now taking it up a few notches with his new Indo-Chinese movie where he promises to pack a punch, literally. After learning martial arts from co-star Jackie Chan and Stanley Tong, a martial arts expert and director of the upcoming movie, Kung Fu Yoga, the Dabangg villain is set to show off his Wushu skills and perfect splits in the movie that is set to release next year. The actor, who believes that a�?only you can do justice to yourself,a�? shares his mantra to fitnessa��eat right, fight right, with the right crew.

    Changing course
    a�?Being lean is in and I have to admit my workout regime has completely changed after my experience in China,a�? says the actor, who is known for his chiselled body.
    Working out for three hours, six days a week, he credits his martial arts learning to his Kung Fu Yoga team, which kept practising different forms on and off-screen, leading him to develop a fondness for Wushu. He believes that all actors should be on the same page for a movie to be successful and the cast of Kung Fu Yoga, especially Chan, were approachable to experiment with. a�?I would go up to Jackie Chan with suggestions and he would be like a�?ya, leta��s do it.a�? His ability to invent himself, learn and share his experience makes him who he is today,a�? says the Punjabi actor.

    Learning the art
    SoodA�does not mind if he gets only three hours of sleep,A�but makes sure that he does not miss his 25 minutes of Wushu practice every day, along with his abs and legs workout. The Wushu movement a�� which began as a military defence system in 1949 a��involves a lot of kicking, punching, balancing, sweeping, jumping and splitting, to achieve physical and mental discipline. It helps with body strength, particularly the core and legs, enables flexibility and posture while ensuring relaxation. a�?Practising Wushu strengthens your tendons which, in turn, makes you quick and agile,a�? says Sood, recommending that gym enthusiasts try some kind of martial arts.A�Body weight exercises are another delight, and Sood also squeezes in TRX suspension once a week.

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