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    The new Tantra library in Anna Nagar goes beyond authors and titles

    WITH over five lending libraries in Anna Nagar, Tantra Library, which launched last month, hopes to stay ahead of competition with workshops for children. Started by Tamilselvi Purushothaman and her daughter, Swathi (who owns Studio 149, a city-based apparel studio), Tantra was conceptualised by Asha Sampath, the founder of Talespin (a storytelling concern). a�?a�?We have a summer camp from April 15 that will focus on crafts, storytelling and English speaking lessons, and a theatre camp in May,a��a�� Sampath says. Tantra will also have basic dress making techniques as part of a design class by Swathi Purushothaman. Documentary screenings and interactions with distinguished personalities are also planned.

    a�?a�?We wish to bring people from either the cricketing field or an author to start with,a��a�� Sampath says. From touch and feel books for infants to comics for teens and novels for adolescents, Tantraa��s shelves are pretty packed. a�?a�?We have around 1,170 books (including used and donated ones) at present,a��a�� Sampath reveals. Located in the second floor of the Vummidi Bangaru Jewellers building, the library is frequented by mothers who accompany their children to the workshops and people who have seen their hoarding. a�?a�?We expect students from the nearby Valliamal and Kandaswamy colleges soon,a��a�� Sampath says. With plans to introduce non-fiction books by authors like Robin Sharma and Isha Yoga, Tantra will also stock motivational and fitness related books (yoga).

    Workshops from 10 am to 1 pm and 3 pm to 5 pm. Membership fee starts from Rs350 and varies for different age groups. Details: 26182680

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