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    With her new book, Be Stylish, out in stores, Pernia Qureshi talks capes, clutches and why make-up can be very therapeutic

    INDIAN classical dancer Pernia Qureshi has come a long way in the 18 months since she launched her online store. Her retail platform, perniaspopupshop.com, is now the go-to destination for both leading and emerging Indian designers, over 70 at last count. a�?a�?The good thing is I dona��t have to chase anybody anymore,a��a�� says Qureshi who, with a 30-strong team, can be credited with exciting discoveries in accessory design and fashion. With celebrities like Sonam Kapoor championing her (Qureshi worked with the actress in the movie Aisha and the bond has only strenthened), it was only a matter of time before the young style maven began diversifying. What has her in the news now is her no-fuss manual for fashionistas in the making a�� Be Stylish. Available in both paperback and limited edition versions, the 220-page tome has fun quick fixes and easy categorisation of themes like decade styling (from the 20s onwards), vintage shopping, even overnight case essentials that take the guess work out of creating an individual style. Qureshi has designer recommendations for each, and while most of the names retail from her online store, there is a a�?black book of storesa�� chapter that wea��re hoping will be reborn as an app sometime soon.
    The big picture
    Qureshi points out the importance of long-lasting purchases and likens accessory hunting to buying furniture and art. Not forgetting that the body is the animating factor in all wardrobe choices, she has pointers for confidence-building and make-up. The second, adds the law graduate, is as therapeutic for her as sexy heels and her muma��s cashmere shawl. Given Qureshia��sA� big following a�� 13,000 on Twitter and 15,000 on Instagram a�� ita��s only natural that the men are going to demand their own style book soon. We cana��t wait.a�?
    a�� Rosella Stephen


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