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    Priyanka Chopra on Quantico, and what it means to work 24×7

    Priyanka Chopra continues to be in the news for Quantico, which made her the first Indian actress to enjoy mainstream crossover success in both Bollywood and Hollywood. In spite of a gruelling schedule of movie commitments in Mumbai and her shooting schedule in Montreal, Chopra finds time for an interview.

    How is the filming of Quantico progressing?
    Ita��s full steam ahead! We regularly shoot 16-hour days in order to get stuff done on time and, given that is a high-octane show, it can get pretty tiring. But ita��s a great cast and crew and ita��s been amazing.

    Do you find yourself losing your anonymity in North America? Has it become harder to walk on the streets?
    Currently, thanks to the punishing schedule for the show, Ia��m not walking around or hanging about anywhere! But in all seriousness, ABC has been hugely supportive of the show and of me in the way that they have promoted the show. Yes, today there is recognition but ita��s all been very comfortable and nothing has deterred me from leading my day-to-day life.

    Are you open to offers of working
    in other international projects?
    Ia��m always open to working on new projects internationally. It all depends on whata��s on offer and if it matches my creative sensibilities as an actor and entertainer. I am currently quite involved with Quantico and my Hindi film projects, to even have the time to think of anything else. However, if something were presented to me, I would definitely consider it.

    What are the challenges of working in two industries? It must be exhausting.
    Yes it is. Thata��s mainly because I am doing so much work right now that I practically dona��t have time to rest. Given that I am practically operating in two different time zones, I sometimes feel like Ia��m working 24×7.
    a�� Udita Jhunjhunwala


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