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    Nimrat Kaur on her second international TV series, Wayward Pines, and her a�?foreigna�� experience

    WHEN we called up actress Nimrat Kaur, she was preparing her breakfast, in Vancouver. Adding some berries to a bowl of porridge, to be precise. That, she informs us, is one of her favourite morning meals. The Lunchbox and Airlift star is currently shooting for season 2 of sci-fi thriller, Wayward Pines, in the Canadian city. The show is about the mysterious town of Wayward Pines, from where its residents cana��t escape, and Kaur plays the role of protagonist, and surgeon Dr Theo Yedlina��s wife, Rebecca.
    It was Kaura��s day off when we rang her up, and she tells us how she loves her first Vancouver outing. a�?Ita��s a great opportunity to stay in a beautiful city like this, and to live and feel like a local. I thoroughly enjoy the experience of working as a foreign actor; it keeps me out of my comfort zone. In India, I am used to people doing everything for me, but here I have to do things on my own. From buying grocery, to making a meal for myself if I dona��t feel like eating out,a�? shares Kaur, who often rents a bike and explores the city in her downtime.
    Wayward Pines is her second cross-over project, after her 2014 stint in season 4 of American political TV drama, Homeland. There, she appeared as ISI agent Tasneem Qureshi.
    Telling us about her new role, the 34-year-old says, a�?Rebecca is an architect, an intelligent girl. Like everybody else in the town of Wayward Pines, she is also a victim of circumstances. Now she has to survive, and do what she can to deal with it. On the personal front, she shares an intense and passionate relationship with her husband (played by actor Jason Patric). Their relationship does go through a lot of bad phases.a�?
    Fear factor
    Meanwhile, Kaur jokes that the first day of the shoot was a�?freakya�?. a�?I had come to visit the cast and crew on the sets, and I was watching what they were doing. Suddenly, I saw something hanging off a stretcher next to me. It was a human dummy, full of blood. I screamed. That was my introduction into the world of Wayward Pines and I asked myself, a�?Oh my god. Is this the show I have signed up for? I must get used to these visuals thena��.a�?
    She was equally terrified of her shoot schedule in the Riverview neighbourhood. a�?It had been a mental hospital before. So there are many ghost stories around Riverview. I am glad the schedule is over,a�? says Kaur, while admitting, a�?As much as I dislike this horror/psychological genre, I like to torture myself with it.a�?
    Whata��s the first thing she would do if she were stranded in a Wayward Pines-like locality? a�?I would check if therea��s Wi-Fi,a�? laughs Kaur, who is not much of a TV person, and counts The X-Files, Friends, and Sex In The City as her small screen favourites.
    So, why should viewers tune in to Season 2? a�?There is no secret now. We all know where we live. Ita��s about how we survive the town now. There are surprises, and unusual elements in store this season. There is never really a dull moment on the show,a�? signs off Kaur.
    Premieres May 27. Fridays, 10 pm, on Star World Premiere

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