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    From functional fitness to a spot of salsa and some lobster experiments, herea��s to the fine life

    Step into your salsa shoes and get ready to learn the exotic moves of the dance. La Casita offers two levels of salsa classes for the starters, absolute beginners and beginners. Both the beginnera��s course will have weekly-twice classes, spread over a month (a total of eight classes). For anyone aged above six.
    Rs 500. Between 6 pm and 8 pm. Details: 7639405194

    Counting mojitos
    Opus 8 in Pondicherry is getting quite a reputation for its cocktails and mixologist David Sardell says his mojitos, both classic and fruit-based, are a big hit. Good thing then that they have a a�?two for the price of onea�� deal underway on Wednesdays. Armed with comfort food like steak and kebab sandwiches, team Opus 8 opens the bar early but confides that the crowd troops in at around 9 pm. Dona��t miss the passion fruit mojito and the house favourite, the cucumber andTabasco mojito. At Rs 300 for two. Details: 0413 4200383

    Bamboo made
    Learn to make eco-friendly toys, jewellery or instruments at the workshop conducted by Auroville Bamboo Centre. You can opt to learn any one among the three, for half day (9 am to 12 pm) or full day (9 am to 4 pm), at the hands-on workshop that will provide the participants with materials like bamboo and beads. On September 12, Auroville Bamboo Centre. Details: 0413 2623806

    Plating up lobster
    Lobster and butter is passA�. Experiment with marinades and rubs at the a�?create your own lobstera�� special at Le Dupleix. Every Friday, choose from eight different customised optionsa��including garlic with herbs, mustard, Cajun spice rub, fennel and thyme, and hot Indian spice rub. For traditionalists, there are lobster thermidors and grilled varieties. Rs 990 plus tax (slipper lobsters) and Rs 1,500 plus tax (rock lobsters). 7-10 pm. Details: 0413 2226999

    Circus files
    Make plans to attend the biennial Auroville Film Festival, scheduled for October 2 and celebrating the theme of human unity. If the wait is too long, drop by this weekend for the screening of the Bengali film, Chotoder Chobi. Directed by Kaushik Ganguly, it is an unusual love story with the circus as the background. Starring Dulal Sarkar and Debalina Roy, the film explores the journey of dwarfs. On September 16, 6 pm, at Alliance Francaise. Details: 0413 2338146

    Hit the streets
    Heard of the street workout? It is a bodyweight workout done outdoorsa��combining athletics, calisthenics and sports. In a move to popularise the concept, Bar Yogis, the fitness outfit, is organising a workshop on World Pull-up Day (yes, there is one and it falls on Saturday). Not only will there be demonstrations, you can also participate and win prizes. Spot registration. Free entry (but donations are welcome, the proceeds of which go towards making portable bars for exercise). At the centre, 6 am to 6 pm. Details: 8870643313

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