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    Therea��s more to Goa than meets the eye. Find out on chef SarahA�Todda��s new TV show

    Model-cum-chef Sarah Todd will continue her romance with Goa on her new TV show, Serve It Like Sarah. Last November, the former MasterChef Australia finalist opened a 250-seater casual diner, called Antares, on the Small Vagator Beach in Goa. The restaurant serves modern Australian food, with an Asian twist, and has fans lining up for its clam linguini and iced nougat. Todd first visited Goa in December 2014, and fell in love with its relaxed vibe. The Melbourne beauty visits the beach state every two months, and calls it her second home.
    While Antares is one reason why Fox Life roped in Todd for the show, she cites the others, a�?They realised I wasna��t afraid to climb a coconut tree, get my hands dirty, or run around a forest. The show is not just about Goan food, it also uncovers its offbeat side.a�?
    So on the 10-episode series, you will see her catching crabs, drying fish, and knitting a fishermena��s net. She will also trace Goaa��s Portuguese roots, besides, of course, exploring its culinary gems, sometimes inside a homestay, on streets, or experimenting in her restaurant. She spent five weeks in Goa driving around in jeeps, riding scooters, boats, and sometimes a Segway, all for this shoot.
    Forest view
    With so much known about this famous getaway already, why should viewers tune in to Serve it Like Sarah, we ask? a�?Goa is mostly known for its coasts, but not many talk of its forests. I went to a homestay that was in the middle of a forest. Ita��s run by a lady, and has two bedrooms. In another episode, we explore Goan music, and its art scene. At the Arambol beach, we listened to drums and other percussion instruments as the sun set.a�?
    Traditional dishes, with Portuguese influences are also explored. The number one dish is the prawn curry. Then the poee bread (Goan pita bread).a�? On the show, she will make a crab dish inspired by Goan crab xacuti, mix feni cocktails, and use tapioca to make a vegan dessert. At the heart of all these experiments is Todda��s pursuit of using locally grown produce.
    On the shelves
    Besides this TV show, Todd is excited about The Healthy Model Cookbook that she launched recently. It is a compilation of more than 100 quick to whip-up recipes that are healthy, yet tasty. a�?You can add spice marinades, chutneys, and other flavours to your dishes without making them unhealthy. Thata��s what I want to show,a�? says the 29-year-old model.
    Premieres June 13. Monday, and Tuesday. 10 pm on Fox Life

    Food shots

    Favourite Indian snack: Pani puri
    Dessert fix: Gulab jamun. I eat it everywhere, even when I am in London and Australia.
    Go-to Indian ingredient: Chilli
    A lesson learnt at Indian kitchens: It has to be about so many options in vegetarian cuisine. Coming from Australia, which is a meat-eating country, I am amazed. I also like the spice marinade
    in lamb and chicken dishes.
    A growing trend: Restaurants embracing local and seasonal
    A baffling trend: Sometimes fine-dining restaurants serve you chocolates that look like lemon! Food should look the way it really is.

    a�� Barkha Kumari


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