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    A French DJ comes to town for a workshop, followed by concertsAi??in Chennai and Pondicherry. Cheap serophene

    JEAN du Voyage is constantly on a road to discoveryai??i??be it through new sounds, different cultures or unusual experimentation. The French DJ, who hails from the city of Nantes, has been doing this for 18 years, ever since he got his first turntable (at the age of 14). Two years later, he began producing songs and went on to perform in championships like the Coupe De France and DMC World DJ. Drawn to the sounds of traditional instruments like flamenco and maloyaai??i??despite the fast developing prism of EDM and modern-day electronicai??i??Voyage soon forayed into fusion, with a bit of downtempo and electronica, while keeping up with his turntable routine. The DJ, who has three albums to his name, and 10 years of DJ workshopping under his belt, is in the middle of his India tour when we speak to him.

    Care to share
    With performances planned for both Pondicherry and Chennai, Voyage will also be sharing his knowledge about turntables and DJing in a series of workshops at Alliance De Francaise Pondicherry (open to beginners and professionals). ai???Itai??i??s so nice to share my passion with other people, especially beginners without musical knowledge. In two hours, they can learn how to scratch and produce sounds while having fun,ai??? he shares. At the concertsai??i??atAi?? Alliance de Francaise and The Park (Chennai)ai??i??expect original compositions from his albums. ai???I will play some tracks from my new album (Mantra) and some exclusive tracks, too,ai??? he adds. Mantra is a typical Jean du Voyage album, with devotional elements in abundance, mixed with steady rhythms, as seen in songs like Om, Temple, Shanti, and the like.

    Go natural
    When not in the studio or on stage, Voyage ensures that his travel calendar is on track. ai???I get inspired by my journeys. I also love natureai??i??be it the sea, the mountains or the forest,ai??? he says. With an eye for great tracks, unknown artists and undiscovered music, he mentions Oceantied, a Bengaluru-based electronic music producer whom he met recently. ai???Heai??i??s really talented and also a nice and humble guy, and is awaiting the release of his new EP, Tribes, with the support of the Red Bull Music Academy,ai??? informs Voyage, adding that he is contemplating a collaboration with him in the near future.

    At The Park on November 16. Workshop and concert in Pondicherry on November 17 and 20, respectively.

    Details; jeanduvoyage.com

    ai??i?? Karan Pillai


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