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Catch the sound of the German underground with Berlin Massive

With a beat boxer, a hip hop DJ, a female rapper as well as a graffiti artist and breakdancer, Berlin Massive takes on India. A German line up that covers alternative sounds and styles, the artistes are brought together by an NGO that promotes urban cultures. Their two-week India tour includes Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai, with a mixture of gigs, workshops and collaborations with local artists.

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Converging at Church Street Social tomorrow evening are DJ Marc Hype, MC cum rap musician Sinaya, and beatboxer Pekor, along with Indian artistes such as DJ Uri. Coming from a�?a strong old-school hip hop backgrounda��, DJ Hype has high hopes for the gig. a�?As far as I can tell this is going to be the biggest Indian hip hop jam. Ia��ll be spinning for the Bboys, doing some turntable trickery and pushing the boundaries,a�? he explains. A member of the Too Funk Sistaz rap crew, Sinaya will be sharing music from her new album Best Off. a�?I rap in German and Spanish. You may not understand the lyrics but I hope youa��ll like the flow and beats,a�? she says. Pekor, part of beatbox orchestra The Oralic Sound Machines, uses just his voice to create hip hop beats. a�?People are always surprised that ita��s just the voice, but the beatboxing scene is developing fast,a�? he tells us.
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Apart from Saturday nighta��s gig, the group will be at PLaY Arena on Sunday. There will also be workshops citywide. a�?Hip hop is a culture that can help young people to express themselves and to raise their voice. Ita��s a tool to empower yourself,a�? says Sinaya, whoa��s particularly keen to encourage more women into the scene. For city-based music fans, tonighta��s gig is the best opportunity to catch the artistes live. a�?Wea��re looking for a crowd who is open minded for sounds they never heard, and people who really love to experience musical trips through several genres. The ones who expect the unexpected,a�? DJ Hype signs off. Free event. November 29, 6 pm . Details: 41713016
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