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    Jazz and EDM define Sandunes and Nicholson tunes

    An evening of music from Mumbai-based musicians Sanaya Ardeshir (aka Sandunes) and Sohrab Nicholson, whose a�?electro organica�� outfit with a live band is known just as Nicholson, makes for a natural synergy. Thanks to their early training in jazz, and desire to push the boundaries of EDM, they recently collaborated on the title track for Sandunesa�� new album Slybounce. a�?Ia��m primarily a singer songwriter. So, even though a lot of the sound is grounded in electronic production, ita��s still constructed organically in a more composed fashion,a�? begins Nicholson, who studied jazz piano for four years at the St Francis Xavier University in Canada.
    New depths
    Ardeshir also cites strong jazz and blues influences and early training in piano. a�?The live-sets Ia��ve been performing over the last few months have been really deep and mellow, more with the intention of playing a�?earworma�� as opposed to assaulting the dancefloor,a�? she shares. This will be Nicholsona��s first performance in the city since his new outfit launched. a�?Therea��s some new material that wea��ll be previewing before we perform in England this summer,a�? he says, adding that theya��re working towards shows in London, Brighton and Glasgow. Speaking about her set, Ardeshir says that she has a lot of new material, after a music residency in the States. a�?Ia��m going to play a varied mix of whatever feels most fitting for the evening a�� everything from disco and old school hip hop to garage and house,a�? she signs off.
    `400. Today, at 9 pm at The Humming Tree, Indiranagar.
    Details: 9886618386
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