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    This Easter, besides the chocolate eggs, try these unusual treats that home bakers have to offer

    Easter approaches. And whether youa��re waiting to feast after the long fast that leads up to the festival, or simply joining in at a frienda��s celebration, therea��s a lot more than chocolate rabbits and eggs this year. We suggest trying the specials these home bakers have to offer:

    Whole-wheat hot cross buns by Sugar Cube
    Do the healthy this Easter, as specialists, Dr Sunitha Raja and Aarthi Ram, are baking whole-wheat and honey cakes, and ragi and jaggery cakes (Rs 700 per kilo) for some healthy feasting. While the cakes come with no frosting, you can ask for a jar of salted caramel sauce to drizzle atop before serving. And yes, 100 per cent whole-wheat hot cross buns (Rs 40 each) are also on offer. Details: 9003083483

    Cake truffles by Minal Kripalani
    Already popular for her cake pops, Minal Kripalani offers a great gifting option for Easter. Choose from cookie dough, choco-chip cookie dough, Oreo cookie, brownie truffle, red velvet or any cake of your choice, and she will turn it into cake truffles or balls of cake covered in Belgian dark or white chocolate. A box of nine costs from Rs 100 onwards. Details: 9840722848

    Simnel cakes by Smitha Kuttayya1
    A fruit and nut cake baked with a layer of marzipan in between, and topped with another layer of the almond confection, simnel cakes are an Easter tradition in countries like the UK and Republic of Ireland. Smitha Kuttayya also does simnel tarts and Easter egg cakes encased in fondant for the celebration. Rs 750 per cake (approximately one kilo). Details: 9444385425

    Mazariner by Kuki Ravindran
    A shortcrust pastry with an almond filling (like marzipan) glazed post baking a�� the Mazarin is the pride of every Swedish cafe. While you may be too late to order her high tea boxes (loaded with goodies like brown butter glazed cinnamon rolls and caramelised onion mini quiches), Kuki Ravindrana��s Mazariner are more than just a consolation prize for Easter. At Rs 1,200 for a dozen. Details: facebook.com/TheKukiJar, 9841090592

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